1. Collection of personal information

Personal information is information relating to an individual and can be identified with a name, date of birth or other description contained in the information, and can identify a specific individual (it can be easily collated with other information Including those that will be able to identify a particular individual by means of a person).
Our company (Tongpoo Shinryo Inc. Location: Shibuya Ward 1-12-8 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5th Floor Shibuya ILA Mitake Building 5) may collect personal information. We will announce the purpose of using personal information.

▼ Information to be offered
● Account registration information
When you start using this service, you may register phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Facebook ID, LINE, Twitter etc ID etc etc. These information will be used for logging in to this service by users, identifying users on this service, etc.
● Profile information
You may register your profile information (display name on this service, icon image, status message, name, date of birth etc.) for the purpose of using this service smoothly. The profile information can be viewed by other customers who use this service, except for items that can be partially closed, such as date of birth.
Information to be acquired in campaign etc.
You may get your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, for the purpose of questionnaire and campaign, lotteries related to them, shipping items and shipping products you purchase.
● Payment information
You may be asked to enter credit card information etc. in order to pay the customer the fee for the service etc.

2. Purpose of using personal information

The Company shall be able to use the collected personal information for the following purposes.
● For the purpose of providing this service and system usage related to this service
● For checking the status of use of this service
● For improving, improving and developing this service
● For the sale, sales solicitation, shipping, service provision of products and others (including travel, insurance and other financial products) of the Company and third parties
● Because of advertisement or publicity (including sending of direct mails, sending of e-mails) of services of the Company and third parties etc.
● For billing, billing calculation
● For identity verification, authentication service
● After-sales service, inquiries and complaints
● For conducting a questionnaire
● For implementation of prize, campaign etc.
● For marketing data survey, statistics, analysis
● For the development of new services and new functions
● Maintain system and deal with problems
● Other For the purposes individually specified for each service of our company

3. About providing personal information

The Company shall be able to provide personal information to third parties as provided below.
● When there is consent of the principal
● When you are requested to disclose personal information from the court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, tax office, bar association or authority with authority conforming to these
● To disclose to a financial institution, a credit card company, a collecting agency or other payment or a business operator who performs substitution in order to settle the fee to be paid to the Company
● When delegating all or part of the work to be performed by the Company to a third party
● Disclose to the Company the obligation to keep confidentiality
● When necessary for exercising our rights
● Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations
● Other When separately determining for each service of our company

4. Handling of personal information such as link destination

A link to an external site may be stuck on our company management site and e-mail magazine. Personal information registered at this external site is not information that is controlled by the Company, so we can not assume any responsibility.
If you register personal information at the external site, please check the privacy policy of that site.

5. System for protecting personal information

At our company, the management council has decided the policy concerning the handling of personal information and confirmed the operation status. In addition, the person responsible for personal information management is placed in the responsible department that manages personal information, and that person instructs appropriate management of personal information. In addition, we are conducting training on personal information protection at the time of employee entry.

6. About updating privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy.
We will notify you on the site if there are important changes in the privacy policy.
Please review this page each time and ask for your understanding of our privacy policy.

Request to customers

● In our service, it is your responsibility to manage your ID / password.
● In order to use our service safely, please do not post personal information of others or yourself on our service provided.
● If customers under the age of 15 use this service and enter user information, please do so with the consent of the parents.