Company Name Tongpoo Shinryo Inc.
Representative Etsuro Tsushima
Operation manager Hiroyo Jimbo
Location 1-12-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5th Floor, ILA Shibuya MIKETA Building
Email address
phone number
Business hours Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded
Selling price Display on our website
Expenses to be borne by users other than the selling price
Expenses for communication lines etc. related to Internet connection are burdens of each user.
Each user is responsible for fees based on various reservations and contracts made through a call (chat), brokerage commission fee, etc. The actual expenses such as travel expenses accompanying these contracts are also burdensome for each user.
“Payment method of price
Credit card transaction
Please pay according to payment timing of each credit card company.
Each time charging  Credit card transaction: At time of purchase
Periodical charging  Credit card transaction
: At the time of initial application
             After the next month, at the end of the month.
Service availability
After the account procedure is completed, approval of use of credit card is declined, points are immediately granted. ※ For services we will issue account within 1 day after application.
About cancellation
・Users can withdraw from this service at any time
・Please note that we do not accept refunds in case of cancellation of membership etc.
・In case of withdrawing a monthly member, if you unsubscribe or cancel by 3 business days of the initial billing day, there will be no charge for the following month.